I like to push creative boundaries using a combination of analogue and digital techniques
Being a creative is woven into my DNA, and I have always been encouraged to pursue my passions. After completing my Diploma in Foundation Studies in Art & Design at Camberwell College of Art, I moved to Australia and lived there for almost a decade. It was there that I pursued my design degree and discovered my love for communication design. I hold a Bachelor of Design (Communication Design) from Swinburne University, graduating with the UK equivalent of a First Class degree.

My mission is to utilise my strengths across the varying disciplines of art & design to create powerful imagery that captivates audiences. My skills include brand design, campaign strategy and illustration. I can work to create professional refined graphics to evoke the message you need. But feel free to connect if you just want someone to debate the moral implications of AI with, just make sure you have a drink ready first!

I'm a mother to a beautiful four year old. I do some awareness raising for her ultra-rare genetic condition, including using my art as a way to express my experiences as a mother to a child with additional needs.

In my downtime, I like to continue to keep my blood pressure and stress levels as high as possible by watching horror movies.

My favourite software to use is Adobe Illustrator, but I'm also proficient in a number of others including Photoshop, InDesign, Lightroom, Figma and Procreate. I have great working knowledge of Blender and After Effects. I love experimenting with new techniques and software, so I often use programming software such as Processing and TouchDesigner.
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